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36 Key Premium Bump Key Set

39 Key Premium Bump Key Set
  • BROCKHAGE Flex Plus Bump Hammer
  • BROCKHAGE Dual Bump Hammer Set

This 36 key bump key set includes ALL of our individual keys we offer, but at a discounted price.  This is our most comprehensive set for all your bumping needs!  The keys included in the BKS-36 bump key set are all for different locks, including padlocks.  Each key requires a learning process and not all locks are equal in level of ease or in level of difficulty.  Once you get the technique down, you can apply this technique to other locks.


A brief instructional guide (see our video for further assistance, click on video tab to view):

1) Insert key (if key does not fit, it is the wrong key for that lock).

2) Pull key out 1 notch.

3) While holding tension, drive the key into the lock with a bump hammer (preferred tool) or something lightweight like the back of a screwdriver.

4) If lock does not open, repeat steps 2 and 3 (this may take several attempts when you are first learning).


You can also check out our Bump My Lock blog for additional information and tips: 

Bump My Lock Blog

What is a Bump Key and how does it work?


Included in our 36 key bump key set are the following keys:

Our BKS-5 Residential Set:

KW1 Kwikset

KW10 Kwikset

SC1 Schlage

SC4 Schlage

M1 Master Padlock

Our BKS-COM Commercial Set:

AR1 Arrow

AR4 Arrow

M10 Master Padlock

WR5 Weiser

DE6 Dexter

Y1 Yale

Our BKS-SEC Security Set:

BE2 Best

M11 Master Padlock

IN33 Ilco

WK2 Weslock

NA12 National Rockford

Our BKS-SPL Small Padlock Set:

M2 Master Padlock

M5 Master Padlock

Y11 Yale

AM3 American

AM7 American

AND the following 15 extra keys that are not included in our other sets:

SC8 Schlage 

SC9 Schlage

C123 Schlage Everest Primus

C145 Schlage Everest Primus

C088 Corbin Russwin

NA6 National Rockford

Y52 Yale

IN3 Ilco

SE1 Segal

WR4 Weiser

Y2 Yale

S69 Sargent

SLN Sargent

SRN Sargent

SLA Sargent