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BROCKHAGE Flex Plus Bump Hammer

BROCKHAGE Flex Plus Bump Hammer

Lock bumping is an effective way of opening a lock and has become more popular with both locksmiths, and hobbyists. While the key is an important tool when bumping a lock, what you strike the key with is equally as important. The Flex plus bump hammer is a quality made tool that aids in lock bumping by providing a consistent strike on the key. The flex plus while not as rigid as the standard flex ( the handle has a bit more wobble to it ) can create a nice strike on the key with out as much force.


A great added benefit when using a bump hammer is a smaller chance of hitting your fingers when bumping. This will help to build your confidence in lock bumping and greatly increase your success.


  • Perfect Balance
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Designed ergonomically specifically for lock bumping
  • Does not come with case


 *This item is not stocked (preorder only), so according to our shipping policy, will ship according to date/time ordered and stock*