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DINO Navigator Lock Pick Set

Usually ships within 24 hours.
DINO Navigator Lock Pick Set

This pick set was designed for locks with very tight tolerances such as those used in Japan. It works well for European and U.S.locks as well. Each lock pick is nickel plated and equipped with a plastic handle.

The 15 uniquely designed picks and 3 function tention tool make opening a lock and easy task. This set includes many styles of picks,

  • 4  Different rake picks
  • 4 Different hook picks
  • riffle
  • 2 ball
  • diamond
  • diamond-hook
  • broken-key extractor
  • special-design feeler
  • standard tension tool
  • 2 special-design convenient tension tools

This quality spring steel set with reinfouced plastick handels and a folding case is one of the best on the market.

12 months parts / 12 months labor