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High Security Lock Bump Key Set 5 keys

$14.99 $11.99
(You save $3.00)
High Security Lock Bump Key Set 7 keys
  • BROCKHAGE Flex Plus Bump Hammer
  • BROCKHAGE Dual Bump Hammer Set

The High Security Lock Bump Key Set, will open most high security based lock is the US and includes:


A brief instructional guide (see our video for further assistance, click on video tab to view):

1) Insert key (if key does not fit, it is the wrong key for that lock).

2) Pull key out 1 notch.

3) While holding tension, drive the key into the lock with a bump hammer (preferred tool) or something lightweight like the back of a screwdriver.

4) If lock does not open, repeat steps 2 and 3 (this may take several attempts when you are first learning).


You can also check out our Bump My Lock blog for additional information and tips: 

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What is a Bump Key and how does it work?


The BKS-SEC Bump Key Set is included in the following sets: 

16 Professional Bump Key Sets21 Key Ultimate Bump Key Set and our 36 Key Premium Bump Key Set are also available with us. It may take you a while to learn which key goes for what type of lock. 


All of our Bump Keys are manufacture to the highest industry standards.