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New Lock Pick infomation Series.

We are writing several articles on basic lock picking in an easy to understand format. We feel this will help the newcomers to the community start to understand the process of picking a lock easier.


Lockpicking - The Basics

Lockpicking is a useful skill to have in your arsenal. Learn the basics and get started by learning how a lock pick set works.

Introduction to Lock Picking

Lockpicking is a useful skill to have in your arsenal. Learn the basics and get started by learning how a lock pick set works.


The Rake Method - A Brief Guide

While there are a number of different lock picking styles, one of the most basic is raking or scrubbing. This method allows you to pick many common locks. 


Old Articles

Lock Picking

The Art of Lock Picking Let’s face it, lock picking is believed to be something that only criminals do when they are trying to rob someone’s house or trying to break into their car.


Lock Picking Guide

Choosing a Lock Picking Guide I bet you have wondered how in the world so many are able to pick a lock with just a credit card or hair pins.


Bump Hammers

When working with bump keys you need a bump hammer as well. Bump hammers give you the right amount of force needed to bump the key without damaging the key itself.


Bump Key Set

When looking for the right bump key set, it all depends on just what type of locks you are going to be unlocking for your customers. The best beginner set of bump keys is a five key set that cost around $14.00.


Bump Key

The bump key is a relatively new tool for locksmiths today. They provide the locksmith with a way to open a pin lock without having to do any damage to the lock.


How To Bump key

When you want to be a locksmith, you will want to know how to use a bump key. These are meant for typical or standard locks and are used to open a wide variety of them quickly and easily.


How To Pick Locks

You obviously don't want to learn how to pick locks so you can break into a building illegally; hopefully you want to learn to a locksmith or you simply have a tendency to lock yourself out of your own home.


Lock Pick Set

If you're a locksmith or are looking to start such a business, you'll need the right lock pick set to keep your business successful.


Lock Pick Tools

If you're searching for lock pick tools online, hopefully this is so that you can work your own locksmith business and not so that you can do something illegal.


Lock Bumping

When someone is locked out of their home or find a room locked without a key, they may try old-fashioned lock bumping to get themselves back in.