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SouthOrd Pagoda Lock Pick Set

SouthOrd Pagoda Lock Pick Set

Upon numerous requests, we have added the new Southord Pagoda Lock Pick Set. This is an awesome set, with 9 unique pagoda picks and 4 tension tools all in a genuine leather case; you can't go wrong. 

 The Pagoda lock pick set is truly a work of art; designed after the popular bogota lock picks, the Southord version takes it to the next level.


pagoda-lock-pick-set-picks.jpgTraditionally, lock picks are weak at the tip.  This can caused cheaper lock picks to break. With the Pagoda lock pick set not only are they make out of quality stainless steel with a high tensile strength, they also have a  continuous thickness throughout the pick, eliminating the week point.


Using the Pagoda pick set is a snap!  Each tool can be used as either a jiggler or a rake. We have found the most successful use on pin and tumbler locks is as a rake.  While holding light tension, move the pick in and out of the lock. 


This set has proven to be a very effective way of lock picking and has become one of our best sellers.



This set includes:

  • 9 Lock Picks
    • Triple peak back split
    • Double peak wide set
    • Single peak
    • Hook triple peak
    • Double peak narrow set
    • Triple peak front split
    • Triple peak narrow set
    • Pick hook
    • Deep forest
  • 2 Twist tension tools
    • Narrow
    • Wide
  • 2 straight tension tools
    • Narrow
    • Wide
  • Leather Case
 *this set is not stocked, so is considered preorder only*